Friday, November 02, 2007

Worst Flooding in Mexico's History

Mexico is currently in the midst of some of the greatest flooding that nation has ever seen. 300,000 people are stranded, and a million others will be affected by this disaster.

Some people say it's the result of global warming, while others contend it's because of over population. Whatever the reason, monumental catastrophic events like these have been predicted for thousands of years. We've been told that in the last days, they'd increase with alarming speed. And, we've been warned to prepare for even more perilous times ahead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California Mandates Evacuation of 1,000,000 People

Southern California has been suffering from some of the worst wildfires on record. San Diego, California has called for the mandatory evacuation of 1,000,000 of its residents - making it the largest evacuation in the state's history. 76,000 homes are threatened and almost 2000 have been lost so far. In all, over 1,000,000 people may be forced to leave their homes throughout the state.

President Bush has declared 7 southern California counties to be major federal disaster areas, and Homeland Security and FEMA officials are on their way to the region.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Europe Has Summer of Extreme Weather

Flooding, fires and droughts have left Europe reeling over the past several months as weather-related calamities have uprooted one country after another.
Thousands of tourists and residents were forced to flee ahead of raging wildfires that have engulfed parts of the Canary Islands since the weekend, the latest in a string of bizarre, weather-related calamities to hit Europe this summer.

Local officials said that at least 13,000 people evacuated homes, hotels, campgrounds and other areas of the seven Canaries, Spanish territory in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of southern Morocco. More than 86,000 acres have been burned or otherwise affected by the fires since Friday, mostly on the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, according to a spokeswoman for the islands' government who was not allowed to be quoted by name.

Monday, July 23, 2007

England Sees Worst Flooding in Modern History

In was has amounted to the heaviest flooding in modern history, England prepares for even more rain over the next 24 hours. Additionally, 350,000 homes lost access to running water that could create one of the largest humanitarian disasters the nation has ever seen. The storm is next expected to impact London.

Also, HERE is another big reason why we have been warned to maintain adequate food storage. These poor people are driving over 15 miles to find clean water.

SKY News reports:
Submerged areas are bracing themselves for further chaos with water levels not expected to peak until tomorrow morning.

Gloucestershire is likely to be hit by yet more flooding as the River Severn is expected to rise once again in the early hours.

Severn Trent Water confirmed "at least" 350,000 homes in the county will be without water by this evening.

The peak level of the Thames is expected to travel through Oxford at about 2.45am and Abingdon at about 6.45am.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has told MPs the flooding emergency is "far from over".

West London and the Thames Valley could be the next parts of Britain to go underwater as the floods spread east.

Hundreds of homes could be flooded when torrential rain hits the capital in the next 24 hours.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Moderate Earthquake in San Francisco

A 4.2-magnitude earthquake shook the San Francisco area Friday at 4:42 a.m. PT (7:42 a.m. ET), according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake was centered about two miles east-northeast of Oakland, at a depth of 3.6 miles. Oakland is just east of San Francisco, across San Francisco Bay.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kansas Continues to Struggle

More record floods in the US as Kansas struggles to pump itself out of some of the worst flooding they've seen in generations.

UPDATE: Oil spill adds insult to injury.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

World Running Out of Oil

According to this report, we only have 4 years left until the world hits its peak production of oil. After that, its all downhill. Of course, BP says we have 40 years left. My guess is that the truth is somewhere in the middle. But either way, oil depletion will wreak havoc with the world economy.

Large Earthquake Rocks Guatemala

As far as earthquakes go, this is a pretty big one.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Worst Drought in a Generation

This is something that has gone largely unnoticed in the media. The entire western half of North America is in the grips of a crippling drought.
"America is facing its worst summer drought since the Dust Bowl years of the Great Depression. Or perhaps worse still.

From the mountains and desert of the West, now into an eighth consecutive dry year, to the wheat farms of Alabama, where crops are failing because of rainfall levels 12 inches lower than usual, to the vast soupy expanse of Lake Okeechobee in southern Florida, which has become so dry it actually caught fire a couple of weeks ago, a continent is crying out for water.

In the south-east, usually a lush, humid region, it is the driest few months since records began in 1895. California and Nevada, where burgeoning population centres co-exist with an often harsh, barren landscape, have seen less rain over the past year than at any time since 1924. The Sierra Nevada range, which straddles the two states, received only 27 per cent of its usual snowfall in winter, with immediate knock-on effects on water supplies for the populations of Las Vegas and Los Angeles."